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Hosted by Linda Street, board-certified Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialist & life coach specializing in physician negotiations.

Sep 16, 2021

Reciprocity is a social construct that goes back centuries, and it’s so innate in us that it feels like second nature. 


It’s also a powerful tool in a negotiation. 


When someone gives us something, this built-in need for us to do something for them in return is triggered, and it makes it easier to come to an agreement that satisfies both sides of a negotiation. 


Behaviorally, how does reciprocity lay the groundwork for a successful negotiation? How do we prepare for a negotiation with reciprocity in mind? 


In this episode, I talk about how one social construct can impact your ability to get a deal that reflects your value.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 


- Why reciprocity makes us kinder and more more considerate 

How does reciprocity make human beings more friendly and cooperative? 


- How to use reciprocity to get a deal you’re thrilled with 

The law of reciprocity presents the perfect opportunity to stretch what we’re asking for, but how do we make sure that stretch goal isn’t too unreasonable? 


- How to create more harmony in a negotiation 

If we’re focused on reciprocity, it’s easier for both sides to find common ground and shrink areas of disagreement. What strategies can we use to zone in on the areas where our needs intersect?